Birth Month Flowers

Just as each month has its own gemstone, each month also has its own traditional birth flower, appropriate for the time and season. Learn more about each birth flower by selecting a month below and order birthday flowers for yourself or a loved one!


January Birth Flower

The carnation is among the oldest flowers to be cultivated, mentioned in Greek literature two centuries ago. Some scholars believe that the bloom's modern name derives from an old word

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February Birth Flower

The birth flower for February is associated with faithfulness, truth and affection. Ancient Greeks believed the violet to be the flower of Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty. (The

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March Birth Flower

The daffodil-or daffadowndilly, narcissus or jonquil-is a flower with as many different meanings as names. Most commonly known as a classic symbol of spring, the birth flower for

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April Birth Flower

The daisy family is one of the largest in the botanical world, containing more than 1200 particular species of flowers. Many popular garden plants—such as marigolds, dahlias

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May Birth Flower
Lily of the Valley

The lily of the valley (indeed, sometimes called the "May lily") is famous for its small, white, bell-shaped flowers and delicate fragrance. Its beautiful signature scent has inspired countless

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June Birth Flower

Roses have symbolized love, friendship and beauty across cultures immemorially, making them the most popular of all cut flowers. While red roses are almost always the bestselling of

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July Birth Flower

Larkspur is symbolic of a beautiful spirit, lightness and swiftness. In the language of flowers, the meaning of the larkspur is fickleness and levity....especially the pink variety. Although

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August Birth Flower
The Gladiolus

The gladiolus symbolizes remembrance and strength of character. Its name is derived from the Latin word for "little sword," on account of the shape of its leaves. (Indeed, the birth flower for

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September Birth Flower

The name of this bloom comes from the Greek word for "star." The aster is unique for its delicate purple color, although it can also be found in other colors, including blue and white. The birth

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October Birth Flower

The calendula's name is derived from the Latin word for calendar, due to its lengthy flowering season. This popular variety of marigold blooms consistently from the early spring until first frost.

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November Birth Flower

Take the Greek word for gold (“chrysos”) and add it to the word for flower ("anthos") and you get the name for the birth flower for November traditionally a symbol of wisdom and nobility.

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December Birth Flower

The narcissus takes its name from an ancient Greek myth of self-adulation and unrequited love. In modern times, however, the narcissus has come to be a symbol of youth, beauty and good

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About Birth Month Flowers

Everyone has a birth month flower that represents the month you were born, just like everyone has a birthstone for the month they were born in, or a zodiac sign that shows us the specific characteristics or qualities we possess!

Just like astrology signs, every birth flower has its own meaning, which can be used to describe the special birthday boy or girl. If you’re wondering what flower is your birthday month flower, read our descriptions and shop the collections. Whether your birth month flower is the rose (symbolizing love, friendship & beauty), the carnation (symbolizing joy), or any of the other birth month flowers, it is fun to learn about the flower that represents you and your loved ones! It also can add a special touch to your birthday flowers, to add their birth month flower in their birthday bouquet this year.

What is my birth flower?

  • January Birth Month Flower – Carnation
  • February Birth Month Flower – Violet
  • March Birth Month Flower – Daffodil
  • April Birth Month Flower – Daisy
  • May Birth Month Flower – Lily of the Valley
  • June Birth Month Flower – Roses
  • July Birth Month Flower – Larkspur
  • August Birth Month Flower – Gladiolus
  • September Birth Month Flower – Aster
  • October Birth Month Flower – Calendula
  • November Birth Month Flower – Chrysanthemum
  • December Birth Month Flower – Narcissus
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