1. Valentine’s Gift Guide
  1. Valentine’s Gift Guide
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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Whether you're looking for Valentine's Day classics, something unique, or simply something that will sweep them away, find the best Valentine's Day gifts at 1-800-Flowers. Send bouquets, flower arrangements, and chocolate covered strawberries with our same-day Valentine's gifts & flowers delivery. Here are some Valentine's Day gift ideas that they're sure to love:

The Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas by Couple Type

  1. For stay-at-home sweethearts: Nothing beats a night in with the one you love. Any couple will want to settle in with this heart-shaped charcuterie and cheese tray and it’s a tasteful assortment of carefully curated bread, meats, cheese, fruits, and nuts. Melt their heart — and satisfy their stomach — with the finest Ollie Salumeria® Toscano salami, Savannah Bee Company honey, organic rosemary, oil flatbread bites, and dried Turkish apricots, all served up on a romantic (and understated) heart-shaped tray.
  2. For the couple who likes golf: Get your favorite sporty sweethearts into an exclusive club of swingers with a set of elite monogrammed Callaway® Warbird Plus Golf Balls. They come in a wide array of fonts and colors that will and will make them stand out — even in the sand traps.
  3. For movie marathoners: Make your gift double feature-length — and delicious — with the “Love Lifts Us Up” popcorn tin, dramatically packed with 6 1/2 gallons of riveting good taste. That equates to 104(!) cups of butter, cheese, and caramel popcorn. You’ll receive rave reviews from film lovers, as this gift will last through as many Matrix sequels as they can throw at you.
  4. For the DIY drinkers: If saying it with flowers doesn’t pack the punch your liquor-loving couple is looking for, then deliver powerful personalization with the Madison Acacia Tabletop Bar Set or a cocktail class from Alice’s Table.
  5. For the competitive couple: Ante up some action with our wide range of puzzles & games including chess sets, bingo, ring toss and more!
  6. A perfect toast for the wine-loving twosome: Give an advanced degree in great taste to the wine aficionados in your life with the Harry & David Ultimate Wine Pairing Collection Gift. Included are three bottles of wine along with all the perfect foods to nibble on while they sip. This assortment will keep your tipsy twosome’s palettes satisfied for weeks. They may never sober up enough to thank you.

Valentine's Day Gifts For Her

  • Vibrant floral bouquets: Beautiful pink, reds and purples mixed in a beautiful flower arrangement to wow your wife, mother, or girlfriend with these floral arrangements for Valentine’s day gifts.
  • Godiva Chocolate Box: A great Valentine's gift idea filled with decadent high-end chocolates delivered straight to your girlfriend, wife, mother or daughter to share how much you love them.
  • Chocolate Dipped Strawberries: Our valentine gift guide has chocolate dipped strawberries as a Valentine's gift idea for her. Your wife or girlfriend will love these treats sprinkled with love.

Find the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas Based on Your Time Together

  • Dating: the six-month mark: Though everyone’s relationship is different, many experts believe that the six-month milestone in a relationship is a super important one! At the six-month point, you’ve overcome lots of hurdles, have grown closer, and have gotten to know each other better than before. This milestone is significant! We suggest celebrating your partner with a thoughtful gift without entirely breaking the bank. Focus on what you know your partner likes. Do they prefer tulips or roses ? Chocolate-covered strawberries or cookies? A small but sweet gift is the perfect solution for your six-month love this Valentine’s Day!
  • One year together: There’s no doubt about it — the first year of a relationship comes with many challenges. But it’s also undeniably a ton of fun. For many, a year-relationship doesn’t seem like a long time, but for others, it’s a huge deal! Our advice? Splurge a little! Opt for something thoughtful, kind, and totally romantic! We find that experiences can be an awesome way to express your love — especially at the one-year mark come Valentine’s Day. Does your partner have a dream destination that’s within your budget? Maybe surprise them with two tickets to paradise. Do they follow a sport’s team religiously? Check into the feasibility of buying passes to the big, upcoming game. The best thing you can do is think about what’s important to your partner, then acting on that!
  • Engaged lovers and newlyweds: You’re typically only engaged for Valentine’s Day once (or twice, depends on how long your engagement is, of course!), so we highly recommend celebrating your love in style! Remember, big gestures don’t automatically mean big spending. Show your partner how much you care for them — and how excited you are to marry them — by tying your Valentine’s Day gift into something for your upcoming wedding. Does your partner love the pink petal roses  you’ve chosen for your big day? Send them a big bouquet of the same flowers to show how excited you are about your wedding. Are you eloping and heading out on a tropical getaway for your wedding day? Buy your loved one some new snorkel gear they can use during your honeymoon.  If you and your partner are newlyweds, try this strategy in reverse — gift them something that reminds them of the significance of your wedding day. A shadowbox featuring odds-and-ends from your wedding day, a framed photo from your wedding, or even a carefully-orchestrated dance in the kitchen to your wedding song (followed by some chocolates and a home-cooked meal, of course) can do just the trick!
  • Married for decades: Show your loved one that even after all this time, you still know them best. Being together for a long time means you know a lot about your partner and have had plenty of experiences together.  A great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day when you’ve been married for a while? Recreate a past Valentine’s Day or memorable experience for your upcoming celebration. Think about a memory that you know your partner absolutely loved and re-create that special moment for them! Whether it’s a trip, a special gift, or something else entirely, the gift of nostalgia and romance can be an incredibly meaningful one!

Frequently Asked Questions About Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

What is the best gift for Valentine's Day?
The Best Valentine's Day gift is one that reminds your special someone how much you care and how you feel about them. We have prepared a list with some gift ideas so you can impress your loved one:

  • Valentine’s Day Flowers: Flowers are a classic Valentine's Day gift that is commonly given to demonstrate love.
  • Valentine’s Day Chocolates: Chocolate is another popular Valentine's Day gift since it is a delicious treat that many people enjoy.
  • A romantic dinner: Many couples will celebrate Valentine's Day together by dining out for a romantic meal.
  • A love letter: If you are having a hard time trying to express all your feelings, a letter is a great way to let someone special know how you feel and how much your loved one means to you.
  • Valentine’s Day Jewelry: A necklace or earrings could be a meaningful, romantic, and personal gift. Let your loved one shine with a new piece of jewelry.
  • Spa day: Some people prefer relaxing experiences to material gifts, if that is the case, giving your loved one a day of relaxation and pampering is the right choice and one made easy with spa gift baskets from 1800Flowers!
  • A romantic getaway weekend: It is an ideal gift to share and that both can enjoy it, plan a weekend trip to a romantic or cozy destination to spend quality time with your loved one.
  • Personalized Valentine’s Day gifts: Not all people enjoy romantic gifts, some prefer different gifts, such as a gift that is funny or humorous. If you want to surprise that special someone and create a distinctive gift, then personalized gifts are for you.

In the end, what is important is the effort and love that you put into the gift, pick the option you feel your loved one would enjoy the most.

What is a typical Valentine's Day gift?
We know that choosing the perfect gift can be challenging, but chocolates and flowers are always a timeless and classic choice. These gifts never fail to delight those who appreciate the beauty of flowers and the exquisite, sweet taste of chocolates.